Nov 8, 2010

La di da

Isn't everything just la di da at the moment? Having a heap of fun haha, but not without work of course.
Lots of things have changed though, not seeing High school mates as much anymore. Always bound to drift. Can't stay close with everyone but there is a few that are still close. Probably the two that were always gonna stick around.
So many new people at work though. Just posting to say that everything is going well. At least to my knowledge, if anyone knows something I don't, or something I should know please, tell me!
Just been chilling, working on my tan as of late. It's getting there, good things take time. Wait a while and great things will happen all at once. Been playing guitar a lot more too, and writing a few lyrics here and there. Pubbing it up too! Just kinda drifting myself at the moment, letting the current take me. Not trying to control too much. Seeing what the waves will throw at me. So far it's all been cruisy, even had some things go my way. One in particular that has kept me smiling.
Scotty's here now, so gonna run. Take care and have fun!

Oct 19, 2010


Well I'm pretty much speechless at the moment. I figured the best way to cure that was to write a blog! Similar to the last blog, I should be sooo freakin happy at the moment but I've just found a way to focus on the negatives. I don't want to, but subconsciously I think I've been trained to. Funny how things can change so quickly, whether you want them to or not. That's life.
I'm really happy at the moment but most of all scared. Scared of being hurt. No, scrap that. I don't care what happens to me, I honestly don't, I would die if that meant that my friends and family would live happily. Call me insane, cause that's all I've got. People say I like and love too easily. But I ask them what's so wrong with that?
Is it so wrong to like someone for who they are, is it so wrong to love someone for always being themselves? It's not wrong to accept someone. When someone accepts you, you will appreciate them forever.
Life is like a puzzle. Until you find that final piece you wont ever feel like you fit in. You won't ever feel complete. I've been told my whole life that I'm selfish. I try so hard not to be. Just gotta hope things will eventually swing my way. On that note, I'm not going to end on the same note because I'm not the same person anymore. I hang around with a whole new crew. But won't ever stop chilling with Ridha. God love that kid. Cause I sure as heck do, missed you so much bro, good to have you back.

Sep 27, 2010


Well this post, I feel like I've got so much to say. But really I'm unsure of how to say it.
Lately I just, well I'm not feeling like I should. I should be happy, but I'm not.
I don't know if it's because I've only known sadness most of my life, and if I'm not that way then I'm uncomfortable...or whether it's because I really don't know how to approach any happiness. All around me I'm seeing sad people..Uncertain people.

It's like I've got all this inside me, and I feel guilty for giving it just to one person. Like I haven't met the person that deserves all the love I have to give. Yeah it's fucked up, I know.
I've had so many opportunities to be happy, over the last 6 months anyway, but I'm not fully committing. I think my purpose in life was to make others happy, even at the sacrifice of my own. I know deep down, I won't ever feel fulfilled until everyone around me is content.
Who is to say that there is one soulmate for every one person. I don't believe that. I believe that if you give everyone long enough, you'll truly love them for who they are.
I know, for those of you that are reading this you agree. You can't tell me that if your crush gave you a chance, they wouldn't have started to like you. They would have. Because you would be giving them commitment. Devotion.
Now I've really had 2 crushes in the past. They were big ones too, and well, I know for sure I ruined a chance with the first one, because the second one came along. I won't name names, but those close to me know who they are.
And now I don't talk with either. Which is really upsetting, I know it's impossible, but can't you just love everyone? If you spent enough time with every person, you would learn to like them. That's my goal. Learn to like and love as many people as I can. There is no gain in hate.

I also feel that I really want what I just can't have. Either that or I'm going over what I said before, I tell myself that and inevitably end up hurt.
Most people want that everlasting love you see in the movies. But that's just it, movies are make believe, and to find that is truly lucky.
My only wish in life is to find someone, who cares for me, and loves me as much as I do them. The chances of that are approximate to zero.
So to J, T, S and G. (In order of appearance =P)...I'm sorry if I don't give you what you deserve. It's really hard for one person to love many.
Of course there is always those ones that you think could work, again if they gave you a chance. So L and S. We'll see what happens. And then there is A.
How many can one love? One can love many, but may only have one. Which is unfair.

Told you I didn't know how to express I came out and said all this bullshit.
I just, I don't want to ever forget anyone. I don't want to be forgotten either. I think that's probably my biggest be forgotten.
For those of you that have a good friend, that you may be fighting with, or even if you're not. Tell them how you feel, good friends are hard to come by. Those of you who have found your soulmate. Lucky you, may we all join you one day.
One more thing, there was thing song I used to listen to and I convinced myself it would be the song to get me through until the happy days. Those happy days never arrived by the was called The Promise - Anberlin.
I never noticed before...but the opening line I should have paid more attention to...
"If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, you know in the end I'll always be there." So even if you feel empty without this person inside, it's always good to have another friend. Friendship is under-rated these days. Like Buddy Gordon! Buddy!

As you can probably tell I gotta lotta shit going on upstairs. That's not even half of it. I just hope I may have helped some people. Because to help someone is the greatest gift of all.
Until next time let me say, together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

Sep 5, 2010

Said and Done.

How's it going fellow bloggers, hip hoppers and everybody all around the world!?
Well the question is where to go from here?
For some reason, which I cannot explain I feel bored, incomplete like some part of me is missing. The hardest thing is I can't pinpoint when I began to feel this way so I don't know what or who it is...

I just woke up to myself about something today also...You know how people say "Quit living in the past" well I did quit, for a long time, but I tried revisiting last week, just for old times sake...and it was empty. I asked a question and no one was there to answer. I've always tried my hardest to be a loveable, likeable and friendly person to everyone. But after this last week I've realised that it's impossible to do so. In doing so you're not becoming truly close with anyone. Which is why from this moment onward, I realise it's okay to have a friend who you choose to tell things to, and one that you choose not to.

Another thing, even just surfing facebook, I am literally reading about long-lasting friendships falling apart, with the two people involved seemingly not caring they are losing their best friend over something childish. Which is why, tomorrow, I plan on calling those I care about most and telling them I love them. =)
It's not gay for two guys to love each other. Love is a concept, applied in different ways depending on the nature of the relationship.
Ha that sounded kinda smart, it did to me anyway.

Just listening to a band I haven't really listened to properly in a while. Reminds me of close friends that I used to have, one of them I really didn't show enough respect...the other doesn't trust me...and rightly so. I wronged him 2-3 times.
Anberlin is good though, as long as they're on my iPOD they're a part of me! ;)

Well I'm gonna stop talking now before I spill everything and bore you to death. Not that I really think anyone reads this anyhow haha
So until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

Aug 2, 2010

Ups and Downs.

Well over the last month I tell ya I've been through so many ups and downs it's not funny. Why in life, does the bad come with the good? Why in life, just when you think you are really moving forward does someone or something come along and push you back?

In my last blog I was talking of Hally, Scott and myself moving out. Well let me tell you that is no longer a wish upon a dream, in fact it is reality, and hopefully something that can happen sooner rather than later.
Scott's older brother Shane will also move out with us, making paying rent for a 3 or 4 bedroom house much easier.
Hard to say what I've been doing over the last month, I haven't been working that much. Maybe 10-15 hours per week, I haven't been going out every second night like we did during World Cup. I haven't just been sitting at home playing sony either. It's really a balanced life style. Which is great, but hard to get by on, money wise I mean.
I have saved up 1500 so far for moving out. All up I have $17 885 in the bank, around $15 000 I'm not going to touch though. Going to spend that on something really worthwhile. A holiday, or a car. Or uni fees.

It's strange, if I had written this blog 24 hours ago, I probably would have mentioned how great another aspect of my life is. It really confuses and frustrates me. I have no idea what I've done or said. Or perhaps haven't done or haven't said but yeah, shit happens aye?

Can't go through a blog without mentioning the Bulldogs of course, what a waste of a season! 21 rounds of What ifs to dwell on in the off season for one K Moore. What if I had dropped Warburton round 2? What if I had given Mickey Paea more minutes starting round 10? What if Ben Roberts didn't get injured against Brisbane? What if I moved Jamal Idris to backrow in round 4? What if I had Yileen Gordon on the bench over Michael Hodgson?
Now I'm just taking out my frustrations on him but can you blame me?

Pretty much dying out here, not a lot to talk about. I guess that's the way I am, not a big talker. What is it 80% of communication is non verbal? That's me.
So until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

Jul 1, 2010


I think I'm dropped back to doing one blog per month...which is fine they are just that much more detailed!
What's happened the last month, well too much to talk about that's for sure...I dunno where to begin so I'm gonna start with what's taken the biggest chunk, the world cup! Oh and I'm not ashamed to admit, I have definitely got the fever! Been pretty awesome, the boys and I have all 'Discovered' our new spot as well, Sporties is the go! Although I really wanna apply for a job there soon so maybe I shouldn't get too tanked when I go there, and why would I? When I can get 4 free hot chocolates every day that are fuckin' awesome!
I've also found, after an expensive trip to Brisbane that maybe, Vodka Sunrises and the like may taste nice, but really aren't worth it if you are willing to look for the right beer, and let me tell you, Steve, Mick, Brent and myself 'Discovered' it. The beer I had in Brisbane was second to none and you would struggle to find someone after a long day who couldn't enjoy this!
I would just like to personally thank Mick for his wonderful hospitality and help in Brisbane once again!
Just recently as well, I've discovered that although you can't choose your family growing up, when you finally get there, you can build your own family. So to all my mates, you're like brothers and I love ya ;)
I always though that I really would never find someone...not saying I have. But things are really looking up and I have my fingers crossed. It's funny how that when you stop clinging onto the past, your future hits you with speed, and it feels great.

What else has changed? Well not much really changes unless you push for it, and at the moment, I'm pushing...admittedly not very hard yet, but pushing for a new job. I've already applied for Laundy hotels, and going to apply for Bankstown Sports Club.
I really hope I can land a job at sporties. That would be epically awesome and convenient.

I have been spending a lot of money recently also, since turning 18 and going out. Too much for my liking... so from now on I am not going to play BJ Blitz...sorry Scotty...and I'm gonna be selling some of my childhood stuff. I think from everything I'm selling I should be able to get around $500 plus. Which would be really useful at this point.
Also having some life decisions, I'm thinking of one: Getting a tattoo. I have no idea what of yet, but I want it to be something meaningful...and two: Moving out of home. Ideally would move out with Scott and Michael, but that is just a wish upon a dream at the never know though, if we can make it work somehow, that would be simply great!

Well I think that's pretty much it, If I've missed anything well too bad, because if I didn't remember it for this post there's no chance It's gonna be in the next one!
Just wanted to say although it's great discovering new things, it's also good to re discover stuff, I haven't listened to the Script since the new year, and listening to them now is beautiful!
So until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

Jun 1, 2010

Krystal Parisis.

Well hot damn things are straight ballin' these days! My last week has been one of the busiest weeks I remember having!
It all started Monday 24th, day before my birthday, headed out to Penrith to watch the dog's play...what a night! Although we didn't get the result it was fun! Highlight of the night had to be 'Heavyweight'. Then Tuesday, my 18th birthday, started off the day by heading to Bankstown to finally buy a new phone - The Samsung Jet! Hit up the Sushi Den and headed home - Everything is such a blur I'm not exactly sure but I think Pete was with Simon and I too! Tuesday night all the boys and I started at Titanic, Headed to Sefton Playhouse and finished up at the Three Swallows.
I probably got 3 hours sleep before waking up and watching Pete play Heavy Rain. Wednesday night I headed out to the Origin with Steve and Brent! Again not the best result but still was a great night out. Thursday I worked 14 hours, 8am-10pm and went to sleep pretty much right away, Friday I worked 8am-530pm, then walked home with Scott and Hally for some pre-drinks before Anton took us up to The Willows at Bass Hill for yet another big night!
Saturday I woke up late for work but luckily Lachlan was very understanding! I worked for 3 hours, headed home to rest before going out for 2 18th Birthday parties! Happy Birthday to John Semple and Amy Flanagan!
I met some amazingly 'solid' new people who I really would like to get to know even more! I also hope the feeling is both ways (You know who you are =P)
Sunday was a rest day really, I only got 2 hours sleep max so was very tired when Grandma and Pop came round for lunch! Then headed to the Fowler's around 2 to watch the Dogs play the Storm. Just quietly Kevin Moore is out of his mind! I worked again Sunday night and I hope Lachlan gets what he is asking for, no one deserves it more than him!
That brings me to today, my first day off in what feels like ages...just hung out all day really, went to Bunning's Warehouse and bought a Heater for the back, invited all the boys over and had a solid hangout which we hadn't done in a while too.
What now I ask myself, well I'm gonna try and not think about it too much, just go with the flow. If something doesn't work out it was never meant to be!

Until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

May 9, 2010

You know who you are.

This is a blog that goes out to that person that understands me more than anyone else. You know who you are. You kept bugging me to write one so here I go.
Well where to begin, I can't even remember where I was up to on my last one so I will probably be missing out a few weeks but yeah, just enjoying life more than ever at the moment. Nothing feels better than not having anything to worry about...other than the dogs...but in the end there is years and years to go in that story. Been having some stock hang-outs the last couple of weeks, was great last night meeting Dena and Carissa. They were very fun people, I hope they enjoyed my quick fucks.

Ahhh just in case anyone is wondering, I don't have a phone anymore so if you can't get in contact with me very easily that is the reason why. David and John are sick of calling my house phone and doing all the round ups for a night out with the boys but I'm tellin' ya it is great not to have a phone. The first few weeks were hard getting used to living without it, but now I love it.

My 18th birthday is literally just around the corner now, I'm in the home stretch, and the best thing about it, I'm not alone. So many birthdays in May I've taken so many days off work. Looking forward to Ac's party on the 15th. I don't know what Scott and I are doing for sure yet but I'm sure it will be a great night whatever we decide. I'm assuming Thanh is also having a party, unless of course the old school friends don't get invited!!!

Along with me turning 18, comes new opportunities for jobs. As I've already got my RSA and RCG I'm hoping to find a job somewhere in those industries, as I know the pay is almost double, and I will be doing less longer shifts rather than more short shifts.

Every week I am loving SGU more and more, it is close to the best sci-fi show I've seen. I also have completed 3 big bang series in as many weeks, and although I think it is an okay show, without Sheldon and to a lesser degree Penny;Would Smash the show would be nothing. I can't believe some people have said it is better than How I met Your Mother, although the two shows are different, HIMYM is far superior in comparison.

I think I'd better start Rapping this I'll leave by just trying to explain what more I want without trying to sound greedy.
I'm looking for a girl that will do whatever the fuck I say everyday she be givin' it up...I wanna girl I can fuck in my hummer truck, apple bottom jeans and a big ol' suck. =P Jooooookes. (Apparently that makes it okay)

Together forever my friend. Until we finally meet, and until we meet again.

Apr 7, 2010

Another Chapter

It seems that I'm entering a new chapter. At least that's the way i feel, tonight was an emotional night for me as it was Praveen's last shift. I don't know if I'll ever see him again but in fear of the worst I just wanna say good luck mate, I know you'll accomplish everything you want to. I won't ever forget you.

It was also great to catch up with Tom Hanks, Shona, Maya and Finn. Of course Jamie is Tom Hanks from cast away with that amazing new beard. Karen, Lidia and Auntie Sandra as well, always fun at Easter time!

I also got to see UI and AJ, grandma and pop over the Easter Weekend too! Unfortunately though, I went to the Dogs game with Scott, Annette, Brent and Steve and well, I think that Scott mate, you are a bad omen. I can't remember the last game I brought you too but if they lost that too I'm not taking you anymore. I know for sure that you went to the Prelim final and they lost that. You also went to the Roosters Eels game and they lost that. And more recently the Cronulla Eels game and they lost that too! So you don't have such a great record.

I'm still loving my Arigleh, thanks to Ridha who managed to fix mine so it is working once again. All I have to do now is a damn portable gas bbq thingy to burn the coal on. AND buy some more tobacco. I want to go shopping with Ridha and buy all different types of AL Fakher tobbaco.

If you hadn't already heard I got my L's last week. Disappointing though I haven't actually been driving yet. I'm sure I will soon. Hopefully those 120 hours will go quickly even though I doubt it.
I asked Becky at work today also if I could get trained as a cashier for the weekend shifts. This is good for a couple of reasons, first being I do not have to do close every single shift. I will also get paid 12 something per hour and I will be with Scott most days. I'm just worried how I'm going to fit it around the footy season. Hopefully the Dogs don't have a lot of Sunday Afternoon shifts. Saturday night I can handle.

There are a couple things I'm looking forward too in the (what I think to be) near future. Firstly one that has already happened, the return of Stargate Universe. Such an awesome show. One of my favourites of all time. Definitely rivals SG-1. Another is the upcoming world cup, I don't think Australia will do anywhere near as good as the last one but it will still be great to watch it. The other, relating to the world cup is the FIFA world cup tournament that will be held. Most likely by Nick, or John this time. Although I think Shabby would be able to host a nice one. I am urging for a doubles tournament as I think it would be good. It would cut down time, that way we might be able to have a few friendly games, It also makes it more fair and single player the computer is likely to fuck up and cost you shit goals more often. It requires more team work, trust in your partner and will also allow for a more equal competition team wise. With most teams being able to use a 5 star team.

Tipping Competition is also running smoothly. I just have to collect most people's money but I am content with it at the moment. Going from a shocker the first week, sitting in 11th place, 3 rounds later, with a steady rise in the ranks I am now 5th. With 22 more rounds to go, Things are looking up!
Had a drink with Scott last night too, was my first one in a long time, it felt good. Especially since there was only enough for 1 each, not like I got wasted.

I suppose as it's been almost a month since my last post that's why I've had a lot to talk about. I suppose it's like a haircut. You try and do it regularly and you leave it and leave it and then it just gets out of control!

Happy Birthday Praveen! I have your namebadge and will be wearing it!!!

Remember me and smile, as it's better to forget than remember me and cry.

P.S: Peeps, listen to Rob Thomas "Now comes the night" if you haven't already. Brilliant, moving and beautiful music.

Mar 10, 2010

One little thing.

I think it's funny how one little thing can swing your thoughts, mood and whole mindset in the opposite direction. One memory, one flashback, one reminder can be the driving force within someone to not give up.
Life has been at a slower pace since my last post, lot's of things just frustrating me, including my damn argileh! But after work today, I got home, and saw that "The Notebook" was on the t.v. It's been a while since I've seen that movie. Such an awesome movie, it was at the part where Allie's mother shows her the man that she used to be in love with. It's made me realise that you should never give up on something you have worked hard to achieve. Giving up will cause regret later on.
It's said to be impossible to live life with no regrets. But it's all in your mindset. Anything is possible, the impossible just takes longer. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid of making them twice.

To end up this blog I'm changing it up a little bit...because I don't think it's wise to desperately cling to the past. Life goes on, and we all get older whether we like it or not. - Thanks Ted.

Remember me and smile, as it's better to forget than remember me and cry.

Feb 26, 2010


Well, I am starting to have some days off work and man does it feel great! I'm still doing like 25 hours, but this week I've had Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off and well, it just feels amazing to sit down, unwind and not worry about too much. My biggest worry over the last couple of days has been what I'm going to eat, and when to get up off my arse and buy some more tobacco!
I'm on the search for a portable bbq stove thingy, for which to burn my coal on however that shouldn't be too hard. I just don't feel comfortable going into what Ridha calls "lebo shops" to buy my coal.
Yesterday the guys came over and it was great to see everyone and just catch up! Listening to Rattlesnake while smoking argileh and playing sony, nothing beats it!
I am feeling a little lazy lately though, so I think I might start doing some activities soon, especially since the footy season is so damn close! Man am I getting excited about that! Just got my membership pack which included the usual stuff, hat, bag, stickers, keyring.
Not sure if I have posted since but ACDC was great. One of the best concerts I've been to. I don't think it will take over LP though. It was my first and will remain my favourite one. I'm starting to really come into my zone. Hally told me the other day that I should go to uni and do something, to which I replied I am doing something. He said what? Nothing?
I then said "No, I'm clearing my head!"
And that's exactly what I am doing, I'm starting to forget all the troubles I went through in High-school, regarding work, education, careers and girls.
Lately I've just been hanging out, playing guitar, living and loving life to what seems no limit! Everyday now I wake up with a smile on my face, unless of course I get woken up! The decking area also now is finished up, and as John called it "The Ultimate Hang-out"
That's just it, hanging out.
Although I said I think I'm moving on...not ready just yet and in that case
With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say;
Someday, someday
I will be here babe
Someday, someday
I will be the one babe!

Feb 20, 2010


Hey, I don't really know how to start this, what I'm even going to say for that matter...I had been thinking to myself over the last 2 weeks, "Hey I have to blog that!" but it has all gone blank. So yeah just pretty much been working and hanging out, I FINALLY got an argileh!! Took me a while, and even though there was a LOT of ups and downs I have one now. Although I don't have the stove thingy to burn the "good charcoal" I have to use the "fake charcoal" for now. Hopefully I'll be having a few parties at mine too, just some solid hang outs with argileh, fifa, mini-games, swimming, bbq and music. Ridha tells me that we should get some ladies however I'm not so sure that the girls would have the best time watching all the guys smoke argileh and swear at each other playing sony?
Definitely pumped for accadacca tonight. Disappointed I will most likely miss out on Nick's but I have my priorities right.
I'm thinking, just maybe, it's fading...I don't want it to. But how long can something last without fuel?
I'm thinking of leaving work soon but, find a job somewhere else...all the people that made work so fun are gone or leaving. Now it is depressing, I just don't wanna be there half the time.
At least the footy season is coming back soon! That'll give me the getaway I've been wanting. Helped so damn much last year, with HSC and other people just stressing me out. Sport is just an amazing thing, for those reasons, but as Ridha and I were discussing, it can bring warring nations together in a friendly way. Ridha: Fuckin solidest guy out atm, never let me down and I don't think ever could.

Not too much more to say, I just don't know why people have to be so difficult. I don't ask for much, but the little bit I ask for people just don't wanna give me...
With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.

Feb 7, 2010


Been such a busy week. My only day off was Tuesday, where I had a great time playing tennis...sorry, owning all at tennis and hanging at Nick's house (Owning all at Fifa) I also refuse to ever play streetfighter again, fuck that shit it's the worst game out no joke. But since last Saturday been working everyday. 41 hours this week. Overtime!!! Still managed to fit Argileh at Titanic in on Monday night, Watched "Daybreakers" with Enrique, Big Ahmad, and Chris and his mates on Friday night. Collected all 45 enemy Intel in Modern warfare.

Would just like to throw a shout out to a girl I don't know, have never met or even seen a photo of! But I guess she loves me, what can I say? I'm just simply irresistible? Doubt that, I'm just awesome! So thanks Rose for the "Grrr Argh" shirt and thanks for always reading my blog.

Oh I even forgot to mention, Wednesday night Scott and I went to Rip's house for a hang out and drink up. Believe it or not, probably one of the worst cricketers you've seen (me) bowled out the INDIAN first friggin' ball! LBW and a half. But apparently there was no LBW's. And he went on to hit 40 and retire. Sorry I got out on 2, just because I have fun and go to smash every single ball bowled. I'm not patient enough for cricket.
Oh yeah, and Saturday night I went to Brooke's for a catch up BBQ. Man can that family cook, the most delicious lamb and pork, even the damn bread, yes yes, the bread beat grandma's. My grandma's bread always tastes so much nicer than ours, even though it's the same bread, but this home made stuff. Unbeatable, desert was very nice too, Pavlova...I think Scott was a little too ambitious and went for a slice that was probably too big for him. But that's okay, he needs to start eating more, then he will start growing, growing taller and hopefully some hair. I only had one drink there, not even sure what it was, but Mick certainly can make some delicious...cocktails? drinks. So just wanting to thank Brooke for organising things like that, gives us all a chance to unwind and catch up.

Don't have that much more to say, just thinking on how to end my blog tonight...
With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; You may wish for an apple or an orange, but you will only get a peach.

Jan 31, 2010

Belated Christmas Gathering + Stuff

Well today was great! Got to catch up with the Flano's which is always a whole heap of fun. Even through the seemingly never-ending push for me to get my L's it's always fun to see them. Had a beautiful bbq for lunch and good ol' pizza for dinner. You can see the yearly photograph from today on facebook, as well as my brand new hair cut! Loving it!
So I'm about half way through my 6 days off from work. I didn't ask for these 6 days, just the way the roster was made and it certainly feels good to not have to worry about work. Even if it is only for a couple of days. Feels great to unwind, have a couple of beers just watching the sunset. SO beautiful the other night, I even got a message off Lil Jess asking me if I could see it! She should know by now, that if I'm not working, I am most definitely checking out the sunset at some point.
Also on Friday night, Brent, Steve and I drove out to Sefton to watch an Under 20s trial match. Funny how desperate I can get during the off season just to see some footy! I did see Dale, who I only spoke to briefly, but he seemed well. Big Bega smiling like usual, and Tui who was actually playing. Disappointing to see them put him on the wing but. He did not get much ball at all. Don't worry Tui, you will be there one day mate, just keep striving to do your best. So yeah, after that we headed back to the willows and met up with Mum, Annette and Jason who were having dinner. Bumped into Josh BM, Chapman, Little Wadey and Docker. And also Dan BM who fell into a damn fire! Lucky I didn't go on that camping trip. Last couple of days have just been great, I'm sure they will get better next week, Rips party on Wednesday! Beach Shack 2!!!
I ended my night tonight by playing Voya in some casual Fifa. He won the first game, however it was hardly fair as he was using his created player. It went to extra time and he scored a screamer close to the end so 2-1 was the score. No matter, once he had taken his unfair advantage off the field, the true skills were put to the test and of course, the fifa champ prevailed with a strong 3-1 victory. Heck every time I talk about Fifa it's like I'm writing a sports report.
Today I think I might end my blog with something different...

With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; My happiness is slowly creeping back, now that you're at home.

Jan 24, 2010

The Champ Is Here!!!

Well this blog you probably could have guessed will mostly involve me gloating about winning the Fifa Tournament for a 2nd time. That's right, 2 in a row now. Apparently the first one was a fluke but 2 in a row I don't think so.
During the regular round fixtures I was adapting and planning my game play for the finals. As I wasn't using my regular team of Bayern Munich (they don't cut it against David and Voya using Barcelona and Chelsea respectively)
I was using John's team. Inter Milan. I finished 3rd which placed me in the finals along with Voya (1st), David (2nd) and Danny (4th). We adopted a 1v2 and 3v4 Semi Final, with the winner of 3v4 versing the loser of 1v2. David lost to Voya in a tight one and I outplayed Danny, showing him the extra gear that the big boys use come finals. So it was David V Brad. The grudge match. Probably the match most assumed to be the Final... David was killing me all around the park previous to the tournament, but in the regular fixtures I managed a draw. Once again, I was fully focused and came away with a 2-1 win. David scoring a consolation goal right on full time.
So the final, Voya V Brad. No one expecting me to make it this far (Nick)other than Scott. Who believed I would win from the very start. Apparently the "Finals lived up to expectation". The most intense game I've ever played and I came out the victor! So $45 dollars was mine, but for me it wasn't about the money. More the pride and bragging rights. The final score 2-1.
That has been the most memorable thing since my last post, other than the Fifa Tourny, I've pretty much just been working and playing more, yes that's right MORE Modern Warfare 2. For a little while I did get a little bit bored from it, however that whole day of Fifa cured me. I'm now level 48, first Prestige.
I got another paycheck too! Working on average about 30 hours a week now, making $500-$600 a fortnight. It's not a whole lot but it's good because I'm not spending anything! So since Christmas I've already saved about $2000. I'm looking forward to Rip's get together sometime next week, I'm pretty sure Scott is too =P
So until my next blog...With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; to me you are perfect in every single way.

Jan 18, 2010

What a day!

Well today certainly has been the most interesting in a long while, it all started at around 8:30 where Scott and myself were waiting at Chester Hill Station, enjoying a croissant and a morning Mother. After buying our 'Daytripper' passes along came who I remember to be a cityrail worker who informed both Scott and Myself that a fine applies for leaving crumbs on the ground. That's right, there is no typo, crumbs. From a croissant. I responded by saying "You're joking aren't ya mate?"
"No, I am just telling you that a fine applies."
"If you can and want to fine me for leaving CRUMBS on the ground, then you go right ahead."
He walked away obviously, I think he was just pissed off because he had just swept that area and then we left some crumbs behind. Either that or his wonderful career choice. Either way, it was not the start I needed to what I wanted to be a fun day.
Scott and I then met Rip at Circular Quay station and caught the ferry to Manly Beach. We could not stop spitting either. Everywhere we went we felt the need to spit. Rightly so too. The day consisted of walking to and from the beach and shops, buying lunch and drinks from Hungry Jacks and someone's brilliant idea to buy a beach tent.
Scott and Rip also went swimming but I stayed in the tent for most of the day. Other than going to the toilet and the beach, where...well let's just say if you really want to know what happened in there, ask me in person.
So then at around 3:30-4:00PM we headed back, had some delicious mango ice-cream while waiting for the ferry and organised with Praveen to meet at Parramatta to watch a movie.
On the way back to the station there was an elderly couple walking by us. Then a younger man walked in front of them and accidentally collided with the elderly man. He then turned around and said
"Sorry, you're alright?"
Then the elderly woman then screamed
They then argued as to whose fault it was. It was only a little part of the day, but for some reason it really got to me. I began to sing "Where is the love?" following this because, I don't see why but an argument evolved from that little incident. There was no need for it, the man apologised. I just don't understand why we can't be more loving and happy and positive. Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if everyone got along, some dream huh? Well if not the world first then I will ask everyone I know, to be a little more forgiving and a little more optimistic. I will then ask them to ask there friends, and so on. Similar to that movie 'Pay it Forward'.
Well once we got back to Parramatta we had to wait for Praveen for about 30 mins. Of course we missed all the decent movies and really did not want to wait until 9:00 for the next Sherlock Holmes. We all decided that the next best thing was to go get something to eat. So Rip directed us to an Indian restaurant. I've never really had proper Indian food before but I was pleasantly surprised. As our lovely dinner came to an end so did our night. It was a great day with lots of laughs and definitely one I would like to do again. As this blog comes to an end so comes in my ending With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; to me you are perfect in every single way.

Jan 8, 2010

Drunken minds speak sober hearts.

Well it certainly has been a long while hasn't it? Well I've been pretty full with my schedule but I have taken the time tonight to blog.
Well where to start? Christmas has come and gone so quickly just like every year, was great to catch up with family that I haven't seen since last year!
Was also good to see "The Agnews" on Boxing day, along with Auntie Sandra, yes although her last name is no longer Dee she was once "Sandra Dee". Maya and Finn are growing up so quickly now too! It's just unreal.
New Years Eve was also alright, Michael, Brooke and myself were at my house waiting for Scott and Praveen to finish work, hanging with Simon and his mates and then headed off the James Wade's place where we all had a great time!
I especially would like to thank Brooke for being our sober driver and putting up with us for the night! You're so awesome!! xD As for Shane-o. Mate, just learn your limit!
So yeah, didn't sleep all night and had a power nap at 3 for an hour before work at 5 on New Years Day.
So yeah, also got to see Donna, Stew, Mahn, Bec and The Giffin's last week! OMG Shauna starts high school this year, that is so scary! I feel so old.
I've still been working a lot too, of course the pay isn't outstanding but I've earned over $1000 last couple of weeks, not bad for someone at Red Rooster!
I am now currently on my first Prestige in Modern Warfare 2, level 26. I am also now currently much below David's level in Fifa 10. I don't know whether I have dropped my standard or he has just risen far above me, but in any case I must learn from him to be able to stand any chance in the next tournament.
I still rape everyone else in COD.
Been getting too drunk too much over the last month, and I think it's time to take a step back, so I'm going to stop Drinking and you know what for a while. Sometimes it's better that my drunken mind doesn't let everyone know about my sober heart My body also could use a break from that stuff. I hope it's not too long before I'm able to blog again and as I leave you now I'm sure you know that with any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; to me you are perfect in every single way.