Jan 8, 2010

Drunken minds speak sober hearts.

Well it certainly has been a long while hasn't it? Well I've been pretty full with my schedule but I have taken the time tonight to blog.
Well where to start? Christmas has come and gone so quickly just like every year, was great to catch up with family that I haven't seen since last year!
Was also good to see "The Agnews" on Boxing day, along with Auntie Sandra, yes although her last name is no longer Dee she was once "Sandra Dee". Maya and Finn are growing up so quickly now too! It's just unreal.
New Years Eve was also alright, Michael, Brooke and myself were at my house waiting for Scott and Praveen to finish work, hanging with Simon and his mates and then headed off the James Wade's place where we all had a great time!
I especially would like to thank Brooke for being our sober driver and putting up with us for the night! You're so awesome!! xD As for Shane-o. Mate, just learn your limit!
So yeah, didn't sleep all night and had a power nap at 3 for an hour before work at 5 on New Years Day.
So yeah, also got to see Donna, Stew, Mahn, Bec and The Giffin's last week! OMG Shauna starts high school this year, that is so scary! I feel so old.
I've still been working a lot too, of course the pay isn't outstanding but I've earned over $1000 last couple of weeks, not bad for someone at Red Rooster!
I am now currently on my first Prestige in Modern Warfare 2, level 26. I am also now currently much below David's level in Fifa 10. I don't know whether I have dropped my standard or he has just risen far above me, but in any case I must learn from him to be able to stand any chance in the next tournament.
I still rape everyone else in COD.
Been getting too drunk too much over the last month, and I think it's time to take a step back, so I'm going to stop Drinking and you know what for a while. Sometimes it's better that my drunken mind doesn't let everyone know about my sober heart My body also could use a break from that stuff. I hope it's not too long before I'm able to blog again and as I leave you now I'm sure you know that with any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; to me you are perfect in every single way.

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