Nov 30, 2009

Good and Bad

So today was good and bad. Was a get together thingy at my house, supposed to be a swim/hangout with argileh. Well just our luck the weather was horrible, rainy, windy and most of all 'cloudy'. We tried to not let it spoil the day however, so Ridha, Scott, David, John, Daniel, Enrique, Nick and myself found other ways to entertain, no we did not have you know what.
Daniel was actually very impressive in fifa and receives my award of most improved. He managed to beat both John and David, and take me to a penalty shoot-out. I was however undefeated =D
Looking forward to work this Saturday, I am working at some v8 racing thing, Red Rooster has this little stand there and well, Becky is taking Praveen, Jessie and Me to work in the morning, then in the afternoon we get to run around and have fun watching the races for free!
Hmmm what else? Well tonight was a fairly uneventful night, I just finished watching Reign Of Fire. One of my favourite movies... Dragons, Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Gerard Butler...what more could you ask for!? Well there is a lot more I could ask for but I won't go there.
I feel very limited lately as we are almost capped and not even half way through our month. At like 80% so I have to be careful when I'm online...the only thing I hate more than being careful is a slow internet. It's true what they say, video games don't make people violent...lag does.

Hoping to write that poem/song soon, I just have to get in the right mind-set that's all. Oh look, someone just started a conversation =)
On that note I pray that with any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say;I know that we can be so amazing and baby your love is gonna change me and I can see every possibility!!!

Nov 27, 2009


Sorry couldn't think of a better opening.
Damn work was busy tonight, it's been really busy the last couple of weeks, we made like over 5 grand one night last week! Which is like a lot more than usual. AND our screens weren't working properly imagine if our screens were working!!
So Formal was absolutely awesome! Had such a great time, took some great photos and was blessed with memories that I hope will last forever, although someone told me nothing lasts forever =(
What about time I said? Doesn't that last forever? I'm going to write a song about that, or a poem more so because I can never write good music to my words.
Love is time - Sounds okay for a song title to me!!
So what now? School is done and dusted, no more school functions, exams or anything...oh except for when our marks come out mid-December! *fingers crossed*
Not sure if I talked about Modern Warfare 2 in my last post but yeah! F-N Awesome game!! Loving every minute of it! Even though I'm not fully adjusted to playing it on PS3 yet, I'll get there eventually.
Can't wait for Christmas and New Years parties now but.
Hopefully all the work out the back will be done, we now have lights and a spot light for the pool. We have 2 power-points, the outside speakers were set-up and work brilliantly all we're waiting on is the cover to make it more enclosed for wet weather...not sure when that is going up but things are definitely looking pretty good out there!!
So hmmmm New Years Eve party at Brad's? I think so! YEAH!
Although I'm excited, Christmas and New Years are still a while away...and with any luck we'll be together someday, but for now just let me say; I believe in the impossible.

Nov 24, 2009

Formal + Other stuff

As my beloved Dexter would say.."Tonight's the night."
It's Formal Night baby and I'm pretty excited! Just like Big Kev!!
Everything is ready and it should be a night to remember '344'
Been working a lot lately, worked the last 4 nights straight and the money shall be well spent xD Not sure what on yet but I will find something decent. Last night I also burnt my fingers and sliced my hand open! But I'm ok :)
Other than that let's see, Oh I went to an ear nose and throat specialist yesterday, good old Doctor Mooney, who also has his own kind of hotline thing... 1800DrWill - I thought that was pretty darn awesome! LOL
Yeah I went to him about 5 years back for all my sinus problems but this time, as most of you would know for my ears! Something was definitely not right about them!
(If you have ever seen me blocking my ears with watery eyes when things get a little bit loud this is what I'm talking about)
Yeah, he said I had 'Hyperacusis'. Wondering what on earth that is?
Hyperacusis is where my ears are more sensitive to sounds, I am more aware of sounds that other people might not even hear!! LOL Daredevil much? Simon is constantly making jokes..."Did you hear about that woman in India who had twin babies?" No. "Oh really I thought you would have!"

It was funny, when I took the hearing test, It reminded me of that episode of the Simpson's hahaha 'cause I was in a little booth with headphones on and I had to push a button everytime I heard a sound. The point is, I have abnormally good hearing, but unfortunately it will most likely deteriorate after age 21 :(

Ahhh what else? Oh I finished Modern Warfare 2! Awesome game! Now for the multiplayer, which is really good except for all the idiots with mics out there, who make chicken noises and do stupid shit.

Well that about does it, oh except for my close..
With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say I can't wait for formal tonight!!

Nov 21, 2009

At it again.

Yeah I'm at it again!

Last couple days have been pretty damn hot but to be honest, I haven't really noticed all that much. If I'm outside I'm in the pool and inside is all air con so I'm enjoying every minute of every day!!
Bought Modern Warfare 2 the other day and I'm absolutely loving it. Such an awesome game that I anticipated so very much and it hasn't disappointed me. I also bought my formal suit and just quietly, I think I look dashing =D
Hmmm just thinking now... what else interesting has happened since my last post?
I guess my life is well, not boring but simple at the moment. I'm pretty psyched for formal but, gonna be an awesome night! Can't wait to see everyone and have a ball.
Freedom tastes good, not sure when I'll get sick of it but doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.
Been missing some people, haven't spoken to a few in 2 days! Omg such a long time. Well it's not that long but it feels like forever!!
Oh yeah, I had a nightmare last night, Michael, Scott and myself were walking to Georges Hall Public for whatever reason *dreams don't always make sense people*
and I asked Michael if he was going to say "hi" to his brothers and he said "yeah I think I should"...then something happened and as usual someone started shooting up the place, that's a mix of Beach Shack! (Yeah!) and Modern Warfare 2 methinks. Plaguing me as I sleep, Freddy styles.
I don't have bad dreams often, but I think I know why I had one last night...and there is a prize to anyone that can guess it!!

Now I'm just praying that with any luck, we'll be together someday but for now just let me say:
Never say never, don't let me go :|

Nov 14, 2009


Hello everyone I'm Bundison, I remember it so you don't have to.

So Beach Shack huh? It WENT OFF! Partying like there was no tomorrow, 4 days outta 7. Not a bad effort, the other 3 were recovery days but we still got our drink on =D
So I came back, with a bit of sunburn, a good tan, a new pair of thongs, something to make the memories of BEACH SHACK (yeah!) last but most of all, a lifetime experience. I get back on Thursday, with little time to recover last night I go off to the Nickelback concert! Fuck yeah caught Chad's pick!!! It was awesome, and well the chick in front one thing led to another and we had a mad time =)
Now tonight is Cuong's 18th and I haven't had a night to rest! Gonna be a mad party tonight, got my hair cut today, hope it looks okay by formal time *fingers crossed*
I think the chick that cut it left it a little long at the back, but you can tell me what you think when I see yall later tonight. So formal is on Tuesday night, such a busy last couple of weeks, best thing about it, I haven't worked at all, but damn money can go fast, started this fortnight with 1500, already down to 800.
This blog is getting a little long now so ima rap it up...with any luck, we'll be together someday but for now just let me say
Bitch got Bankstowned!
When I say Nickel, you say?
bunDy's BACK!

Nov 4, 2009

Bags are packed.

Today was my very last HSC exam. I am having mixed feelings about it all, gonna be the last time I see a lot of the familiar faces that have been with me for the last 6 years, but for most I will try very hard to see and keep in contact with on a regular basis!
I'm so excited about The Beach Shack tomorrow. Although there was a few mishaps earlier tonight everything is okay now and things are looking up again. It's going to be so good to get away and relax. I'm going to miss everyone so much though!! Some people more than others =P
My bags are packed and now I thought I would do a blog since you won't be hearing from me for at least a week. Could be more, terrible accidents happen on these things so I promise to try and stay safe! For those who love me, don't worry it'll be alright!! LOL
Went out to dinner earlier tonight to celebrate me finishing high-school...only thing was it was MY shout!? How does that work? Oh well doesn't bother me, I have enough money..1400 to be precise, and that is in my everyday bank account...Gots over 10 in my other one =D
I just want you to know that with any luck, we'll be together someday, but for now just let me say:
Good luck to BHS Class 09! When I look back on life these will be the years I cherish!
To that special someone...Every time I look at the sunrise, I am reminded of your beautiful smile!

Nov 2, 2009

The first of many!

So this is my very first blog...or at least I hope I'm doing this right!
Not really sure where to start, I need to learn some blogging secrets!!

I know, this isn't a video blog but hey! Maybe I could use some of the same techniques...well I should be studying for Legal Studies right now, with that being in 2 days time but just got too much other stuff on my Beach Shack...and other "girl problems" LOL.
Beach Shack. Sounds great aye? I am so pumped for this, it is a 7 day getaway for myself, Hally, Scottay, Ridha and maybe Bob!! ,In Fingal Bay the Shack is 40 metres from the beach! Can't wait!!
Right now I'm just facebookin' as per usual...and actually waiting for a text message that I don't expect to ever get. Don't you hate that? Waiting by the phone? For a call or text that just doesn't come. Hmmm need a good 'sign-out'. What should I use? How about...
With any luck, we'll be together someday, but for now just let me say "To me you're perfect, and my wasted heart will always love you"