Apr 7, 2010

Another Chapter

It seems that I'm entering a new chapter. At least that's the way i feel, tonight was an emotional night for me as it was Praveen's last shift. I don't know if I'll ever see him again but in fear of the worst I just wanna say good luck mate, I know you'll accomplish everything you want to. I won't ever forget you.

It was also great to catch up with Tom Hanks, Shona, Maya and Finn. Of course Jamie is Tom Hanks from cast away with that amazing new beard. Karen, Lidia and Auntie Sandra as well, always fun at Easter time!

I also got to see UI and AJ, grandma and pop over the Easter Weekend too! Unfortunately though, I went to the Dogs game with Scott, Annette, Brent and Steve and well, I think that Scott mate, you are a bad omen. I can't remember the last game I brought you too but if they lost that too I'm not taking you anymore. I know for sure that you went to the Prelim final and they lost that. You also went to the Roosters Eels game and they lost that. And more recently the Cronulla Eels game and they lost that too! So you don't have such a great record.

I'm still loving my Arigleh, thanks to Ridha who managed to fix mine so it is working once again. All I have to do now is a damn portable gas bbq thingy to burn the coal on. AND buy some more tobacco. I want to go shopping with Ridha and buy all different types of AL Fakher tobbaco.

If you hadn't already heard I got my L's last week. Disappointing though I haven't actually been driving yet. I'm sure I will soon. Hopefully those 120 hours will go quickly even though I doubt it.
I asked Becky at work today also if I could get trained as a cashier for the weekend shifts. This is good for a couple of reasons, first being I do not have to do close every single shift. I will also get paid 12 something per hour and I will be with Scott most days. I'm just worried how I'm going to fit it around the footy season. Hopefully the Dogs don't have a lot of Sunday Afternoon shifts. Saturday night I can handle.

There are a couple things I'm looking forward too in the (what I think to be) near future. Firstly one that has already happened, the return of Stargate Universe. Such an awesome show. One of my favourites of all time. Definitely rivals SG-1. Another is the upcoming world cup, I don't think Australia will do anywhere near as good as the last one but it will still be great to watch it. The other, relating to the world cup is the FIFA world cup tournament that will be held. Most likely by Nick, or John this time. Although I think Shabby would be able to host a nice one. I am urging for a doubles tournament as I think it would be good. It would cut down time, that way we might be able to have a few friendly games, It also makes it more fair and single player the computer is likely to fuck up and cost you shit goals more often. It requires more team work, trust in your partner and will also allow for a more equal competition team wise. With most teams being able to use a 5 star team.

Tipping Competition is also running smoothly. I just have to collect most people's money but I am content with it at the moment. Going from a shocker the first week, sitting in 11th place, 3 rounds later, with a steady rise in the ranks I am now 5th. With 22 more rounds to go, Things are looking up!
Had a drink with Scott last night too, was my first one in a long time, it felt good. Especially since there was only enough for 1 each, not like I got wasted.

I suppose as it's been almost a month since my last post that's why I've had a lot to talk about. I suppose it's like a haircut. You try and do it regularly and you leave it and leave it and then it just gets out of control!

Happy Birthday Praveen! I have your namebadge and will be wearing it!!!

Remember me and smile, as it's better to forget than remember me and cry.

P.S: Peeps, listen to Rob Thomas "Now comes the night" if you haven't already. Brilliant, moving and beautiful music.

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