Jan 31, 2010

Belated Christmas Gathering + Stuff

Well today was great! Got to catch up with the Flano's which is always a whole heap of fun. Even through the seemingly never-ending push for me to get my L's it's always fun to see them. Had a beautiful bbq for lunch and good ol' pizza for dinner. You can see the yearly photograph from today on facebook, as well as my brand new hair cut! Loving it!
So I'm about half way through my 6 days off from work. I didn't ask for these 6 days, just the way the roster was made and it certainly feels good to not have to worry about work. Even if it is only for a couple of days. Feels great to unwind, have a couple of beers just watching the sunset. SO beautiful the other night, I even got a message off Lil Jess asking me if I could see it! She should know by now, that if I'm not working, I am most definitely checking out the sunset at some point.
Also on Friday night, Brent, Steve and I drove out to Sefton to watch an Under 20s trial match. Funny how desperate I can get during the off season just to see some footy! I did see Dale, who I only spoke to briefly, but he seemed well. Big Bega smiling like usual, and Tui who was actually playing. Disappointing to see them put him on the wing but. He did not get much ball at all. Don't worry Tui, you will be there one day mate, just keep striving to do your best. So yeah, after that we headed back to the willows and met up with Mum, Annette and Jason who were having dinner. Bumped into Josh BM, Chapman, Little Wadey and Docker. And also Dan BM who fell into a damn fire! Lucky I didn't go on that camping trip. Last couple of days have just been great, I'm sure they will get better next week, Rips party on Wednesday! Beach Shack 2!!!
I ended my night tonight by playing Voya in some casual Fifa. He won the first game, however it was hardly fair as he was using his created player. It went to extra time and he scored a screamer close to the end so 2-1 was the score. No matter, once he had taken his unfair advantage off the field, the true skills were put to the test and of course, the fifa champ prevailed with a strong 3-1 victory. Heck every time I talk about Fifa it's like I'm writing a sports report.
Today I think I might end my blog with something different...

With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; My happiness is slowly creeping back, now that you're at home.

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