May 9, 2010

You know who you are.

This is a blog that goes out to that person that understands me more than anyone else. You know who you are. You kept bugging me to write one so here I go.
Well where to begin, I can't even remember where I was up to on my last one so I will probably be missing out a few weeks but yeah, just enjoying life more than ever at the moment. Nothing feels better than not having anything to worry about...other than the dogs...but in the end there is years and years to go in that story. Been having some stock hang-outs the last couple of weeks, was great last night meeting Dena and Carissa. They were very fun people, I hope they enjoyed my quick fucks.

Ahhh just in case anyone is wondering, I don't have a phone anymore so if you can't get in contact with me very easily that is the reason why. David and John are sick of calling my house phone and doing all the round ups for a night out with the boys but I'm tellin' ya it is great not to have a phone. The first few weeks were hard getting used to living without it, but now I love it.

My 18th birthday is literally just around the corner now, I'm in the home stretch, and the best thing about it, I'm not alone. So many birthdays in May I've taken so many days off work. Looking forward to Ac's party on the 15th. I don't know what Scott and I are doing for sure yet but I'm sure it will be a great night whatever we decide. I'm assuming Thanh is also having a party, unless of course the old school friends don't get invited!!!

Along with me turning 18, comes new opportunities for jobs. As I've already got my RSA and RCG I'm hoping to find a job somewhere in those industries, as I know the pay is almost double, and I will be doing less longer shifts rather than more short shifts.

Every week I am loving SGU more and more, it is close to the best sci-fi show I've seen. I also have completed 3 big bang series in as many weeks, and although I think it is an okay show, without Sheldon and to a lesser degree Penny;Would Smash the show would be nothing. I can't believe some people have said it is better than How I met Your Mother, although the two shows are different, HIMYM is far superior in comparison.

I think I'd better start Rapping this I'll leave by just trying to explain what more I want without trying to sound greedy.
I'm looking for a girl that will do whatever the fuck I say everyday she be givin' it up...I wanna girl I can fuck in my hummer truck, apple bottom jeans and a big ol' suck. =P Jooooookes. (Apparently that makes it okay)

Together forever my friend. Until we finally meet, and until we meet again.