Aug 2, 2010

Ups and Downs.

Well over the last month I tell ya I've been through so many ups and downs it's not funny. Why in life, does the bad come with the good? Why in life, just when you think you are really moving forward does someone or something come along and push you back?

In my last blog I was talking of Hally, Scott and myself moving out. Well let me tell you that is no longer a wish upon a dream, in fact it is reality, and hopefully something that can happen sooner rather than later.
Scott's older brother Shane will also move out with us, making paying rent for a 3 or 4 bedroom house much easier.
Hard to say what I've been doing over the last month, I haven't been working that much. Maybe 10-15 hours per week, I haven't been going out every second night like we did during World Cup. I haven't just been sitting at home playing sony either. It's really a balanced life style. Which is great, but hard to get by on, money wise I mean.
I have saved up 1500 so far for moving out. All up I have $17 885 in the bank, around $15 000 I'm not going to touch though. Going to spend that on something really worthwhile. A holiday, or a car. Or uni fees.

It's strange, if I had written this blog 24 hours ago, I probably would have mentioned how great another aspect of my life is. It really confuses and frustrates me. I have no idea what I've done or said. Or perhaps haven't done or haven't said but yeah, shit happens aye?

Can't go through a blog without mentioning the Bulldogs of course, what a waste of a season! 21 rounds of What ifs to dwell on in the off season for one K Moore. What if I had dropped Warburton round 2? What if I had given Mickey Paea more minutes starting round 10? What if Ben Roberts didn't get injured against Brisbane? What if I moved Jamal Idris to backrow in round 4? What if I had Yileen Gordon on the bench over Michael Hodgson?
Now I'm just taking out my frustrations on him but can you blame me?

Pretty much dying out here, not a lot to talk about. I guess that's the way I am, not a big talker. What is it 80% of communication is non verbal? That's me.
So until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

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