Sep 5, 2010

Said and Done.

How's it going fellow bloggers, hip hoppers and everybody all around the world!?
Well the question is where to go from here?
For some reason, which I cannot explain I feel bored, incomplete like some part of me is missing. The hardest thing is I can't pinpoint when I began to feel this way so I don't know what or who it is...

I just woke up to myself about something today also...You know how people say "Quit living in the past" well I did quit, for a long time, but I tried revisiting last week, just for old times sake...and it was empty. I asked a question and no one was there to answer. I've always tried my hardest to be a loveable, likeable and friendly person to everyone. But after this last week I've realised that it's impossible to do so. In doing so you're not becoming truly close with anyone. Which is why from this moment onward, I realise it's okay to have a friend who you choose to tell things to, and one that you choose not to.

Another thing, even just surfing facebook, I am literally reading about long-lasting friendships falling apart, with the two people involved seemingly not caring they are losing their best friend over something childish. Which is why, tomorrow, I plan on calling those I care about most and telling them I love them. =)
It's not gay for two guys to love each other. Love is a concept, applied in different ways depending on the nature of the relationship.
Ha that sounded kinda smart, it did to me anyway.

Just listening to a band I haven't really listened to properly in a while. Reminds me of close friends that I used to have, one of them I really didn't show enough respect...the other doesn't trust me...and rightly so. I wronged him 2-3 times.
Anberlin is good though, as long as they're on my iPOD they're a part of me! ;)

Well I'm gonna stop talking now before I spill everything and bore you to death. Not that I really think anyone reads this anyhow haha
So until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

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