Nov 8, 2010

La di da

Isn't everything just la di da at the moment? Having a heap of fun haha, but not without work of course.
Lots of things have changed though, not seeing High school mates as much anymore. Always bound to drift. Can't stay close with everyone but there is a few that are still close. Probably the two that were always gonna stick around.
So many new people at work though. Just posting to say that everything is going well. At least to my knowledge, if anyone knows something I don't, or something I should know please, tell me!
Just been chilling, working on my tan as of late. It's getting there, good things take time. Wait a while and great things will happen all at once. Been playing guitar a lot more too, and writing a few lyrics here and there. Pubbing it up too! Just kinda drifting myself at the moment, letting the current take me. Not trying to control too much. Seeing what the waves will throw at me. So far it's all been cruisy, even had some things go my way. One in particular that has kept me smiling.
Scotty's here now, so gonna run. Take care and have fun!