Jun 1, 2010

Krystal Parisis.

Well hot damn things are straight ballin' these days! My last week has been one of the busiest weeks I remember having!
It all started Monday 24th, day before my birthday, headed out to Penrith to watch the dog's play...what a night! Although we didn't get the result it was fun! Highlight of the night had to be 'Heavyweight'. Then Tuesday, my 18th birthday, started off the day by heading to Bankstown to finally buy a new phone - The Samsung Jet! Hit up the Sushi Den and headed home - Everything is such a blur I'm not exactly sure but I think Pete was with Simon and I too! Tuesday night all the boys and I started at Titanic, Headed to Sefton Playhouse and finished up at the Three Swallows.
I probably got 3 hours sleep before waking up and watching Pete play Heavy Rain. Wednesday night I headed out to the Origin with Steve and Brent! Again not the best result but still was a great night out. Thursday I worked 14 hours, 8am-10pm and went to sleep pretty much right away, Friday I worked 8am-530pm, then walked home with Scott and Hally for some pre-drinks before Anton took us up to The Willows at Bass Hill for yet another big night!
Saturday I woke up late for work but luckily Lachlan was very understanding! I worked for 3 hours, headed home to rest before going out for 2 18th Birthday parties! Happy Birthday to John Semple and Amy Flanagan!
I met some amazingly 'solid' new people who I really would like to get to know even more! I also hope the feeling is both ways (You know who you are =P)
Sunday was a rest day really, I only got 2 hours sleep max so was very tired when Grandma and Pop came round for lunch! Then headed to the Fowler's around 2 to watch the Dogs play the Storm. Just quietly Kevin Moore is out of his mind! I worked again Sunday night and I hope Lachlan gets what he is asking for, no one deserves it more than him!
That brings me to today, my first day off in what feels like ages...just hung out all day really, went to Bunning's Warehouse and bought a Heater for the back, invited all the boys over and had a solid hangout which we hadn't done in a while too.
What now I ask myself, well I'm gonna try and not think about it too much, just go with the flow. If something doesn't work out it was never meant to be!

Until next time let me say we'll be
Together forever my friend, until we finally meet or until we meet again!

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