Mar 10, 2010

One little thing.

I think it's funny how one little thing can swing your thoughts, mood and whole mindset in the opposite direction. One memory, one flashback, one reminder can be the driving force within someone to not give up.
Life has been at a slower pace since my last post, lot's of things just frustrating me, including my damn argileh! But after work today, I got home, and saw that "The Notebook" was on the t.v. It's been a while since I've seen that movie. Such an awesome movie, it was at the part where Allie's mother shows her the man that she used to be in love with. It's made me realise that you should never give up on something you have worked hard to achieve. Giving up will cause regret later on.
It's said to be impossible to live life with no regrets. But it's all in your mindset. Anything is possible, the impossible just takes longer. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid of making them twice.

To end up this blog I'm changing it up a little bit...because I don't think it's wise to desperately cling to the past. Life goes on, and we all get older whether we like it or not. - Thanks Ted.

Remember me and smile, as it's better to forget than remember me and cry.

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