Feb 20, 2010


Hey, I don't really know how to start this, what I'm even going to say for that matter...I had been thinking to myself over the last 2 weeks, "Hey I have to blog that!" but it has all gone blank. So yeah just pretty much been working and hanging out, I FINALLY got an argileh!! Took me a while, and even though there was a LOT of ups and downs I have one now. Although I don't have the stove thingy to burn the "good charcoal" I have to use the "fake charcoal" for now. Hopefully I'll be having a few parties at mine too, just some solid hang outs with argileh, fifa, mini-games, swimming, bbq and music. Ridha tells me that we should get some ladies however I'm not so sure that the girls would have the best time watching all the guys smoke argileh and swear at each other playing sony?
Definitely pumped for accadacca tonight. Disappointed I will most likely miss out on Nick's but I have my priorities right.
I'm thinking, just maybe, it's fading...I don't want it to. But how long can something last without fuel?
I'm thinking of leaving work soon but, find a job somewhere else...all the people that made work so fun are gone or leaving. Now it is depressing, I just don't wanna be there half the time.
At least the footy season is coming back soon! That'll give me the getaway I've been wanting. Helped so damn much last year, with HSC and other people just stressing me out. Sport is just an amazing thing, for those reasons, but as Ridha and I were discussing, it can bring warring nations together in a friendly way. Ridha: Fuckin solidest guy out atm, never let me down and I don't think ever could.

Not too much more to say, I just don't know why people have to be so difficult. I don't ask for much, but the little bit I ask for people just don't wanna give me...
With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.

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