Jan 18, 2010

What a day!

Well today certainly has been the most interesting in a long while, it all started at around 8:30 where Scott and myself were waiting at Chester Hill Station, enjoying a croissant and a morning Mother. After buying our 'Daytripper' passes along came who I remember to be a cityrail worker who informed both Scott and Myself that a fine applies for leaving crumbs on the ground. That's right, there is no typo, crumbs. From a croissant. I responded by saying "You're joking aren't ya mate?"
"No, I am just telling you that a fine applies."
"If you can and want to fine me for leaving CRUMBS on the ground, then you go right ahead."
He walked away obviously, I think he was just pissed off because he had just swept that area and then we left some crumbs behind. Either that or his wonderful career choice. Either way, it was not the start I needed to what I wanted to be a fun day.
Scott and I then met Rip at Circular Quay station and caught the ferry to Manly Beach. We could not stop spitting either. Everywhere we went we felt the need to spit. Rightly so too. The day consisted of walking to and from the beach and shops, buying lunch and drinks from Hungry Jacks and someone's brilliant idea to buy a beach tent.
Scott and Rip also went swimming but I stayed in the tent for most of the day. Other than going to the toilet and the beach, where...well let's just say if you really want to know what happened in there, ask me in person.
So then at around 3:30-4:00PM we headed back, had some delicious mango ice-cream while waiting for the ferry and organised with Praveen to meet at Parramatta to watch a movie.
On the way back to the station there was an elderly couple walking by us. Then a younger man walked in front of them and accidentally collided with the elderly man. He then turned around and said
"Sorry, you're alright?"
Then the elderly woman then screamed
They then argued as to whose fault it was. It was only a little part of the day, but for some reason it really got to me. I began to sing "Where is the love?" following this because, I don't see why but an argument evolved from that little incident. There was no need for it, the man apologised. I just don't understand why we can't be more loving and happy and positive. Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if everyone got along, some dream huh? Well if not the world first then I will ask everyone I know, to be a little more forgiving and a little more optimistic. I will then ask them to ask there friends, and so on. Similar to that movie 'Pay it Forward'.
Well once we got back to Parramatta we had to wait for Praveen for about 30 mins. Of course we missed all the decent movies and really did not want to wait until 9:00 for the next Sherlock Holmes. We all decided that the next best thing was to go get something to eat. So Rip directed us to an Indian restaurant. I've never really had proper Indian food before but I was pleasantly surprised. As our lovely dinner came to an end so did our night. It was a great day with lots of laughs and definitely one I would like to do again. As this blog comes to an end so comes in my ending With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; to me you are perfect in every single way.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day.. and why cant we all just get along and be positive. Mmhm. =)