Jan 24, 2010

The Champ Is Here!!!

Well this blog you probably could have guessed will mostly involve me gloating about winning the Fifa Tournament for a 2nd time. That's right, 2 in a row now. Apparently the first one was a fluke but 2 in a row I don't think so.
During the regular round fixtures I was adapting and planning my game play for the finals. As I wasn't using my regular team of Bayern Munich (they don't cut it against David and Voya using Barcelona and Chelsea respectively)
I was using John's team. Inter Milan. I finished 3rd which placed me in the finals along with Voya (1st), David (2nd) and Danny (4th). We adopted a 1v2 and 3v4 Semi Final, with the winner of 3v4 versing the loser of 1v2. David lost to Voya in a tight one and I outplayed Danny, showing him the extra gear that the big boys use come finals. So it was David V Brad. The grudge match. Probably the match most assumed to be the Final... David was killing me all around the park previous to the tournament, but in the regular fixtures I managed a draw. Once again, I was fully focused and came away with a 2-1 win. David scoring a consolation goal right on full time.
So the final, Voya V Brad. No one expecting me to make it this far (Nick)other than Scott. Who believed I would win from the very start. Apparently the "Finals lived up to expectation". The most intense game I've ever played and I came out the victor! So $45 dollars was mine, but for me it wasn't about the money. More the pride and bragging rights. The final score 2-1.
That has been the most memorable thing since my last post, other than the Fifa Tourny, I've pretty much just been working and playing more, yes that's right MORE Modern Warfare 2. For a little while I did get a little bit bored from it, however that whole day of Fifa cured me. I'm now level 48, first Prestige.
I got another paycheck too! Working on average about 30 hours a week now, making $500-$600 a fortnight. It's not a whole lot but it's good because I'm not spending anything! So since Christmas I've already saved about $2000. I'm looking forward to Rip's get together sometime next week, I'm pretty sure Scott is too =P
So until my next blog...With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say; to me you are perfect in every single way.

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