Nov 30, 2009

Good and Bad

So today was good and bad. Was a get together thingy at my house, supposed to be a swim/hangout with argileh. Well just our luck the weather was horrible, rainy, windy and most of all 'cloudy'. We tried to not let it spoil the day however, so Ridha, Scott, David, John, Daniel, Enrique, Nick and myself found other ways to entertain, no we did not have you know what.
Daniel was actually very impressive in fifa and receives my award of most improved. He managed to beat both John and David, and take me to a penalty shoot-out. I was however undefeated =D
Looking forward to work this Saturday, I am working at some v8 racing thing, Red Rooster has this little stand there and well, Becky is taking Praveen, Jessie and Me to work in the morning, then in the afternoon we get to run around and have fun watching the races for free!
Hmmm what else? Well tonight was a fairly uneventful night, I just finished watching Reign Of Fire. One of my favourite movies... Dragons, Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Gerard Butler...what more could you ask for!? Well there is a lot more I could ask for but I won't go there.
I feel very limited lately as we are almost capped and not even half way through our month. At like 80% so I have to be careful when I'm online...the only thing I hate more than being careful is a slow internet. It's true what they say, video games don't make people violent...lag does.

Hoping to write that poem/song soon, I just have to get in the right mind-set that's all. Oh look, someone just started a conversation =)
On that note I pray that with any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say;I know that we can be so amazing and baby your love is gonna change me and I can see every possibility!!!

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