Nov 27, 2009


Sorry couldn't think of a better opening.
Damn work was busy tonight, it's been really busy the last couple of weeks, we made like over 5 grand one night last week! Which is like a lot more than usual. AND our screens weren't working properly imagine if our screens were working!!
So Formal was absolutely awesome! Had such a great time, took some great photos and was blessed with memories that I hope will last forever, although someone told me nothing lasts forever =(
What about time I said? Doesn't that last forever? I'm going to write a song about that, or a poem more so because I can never write good music to my words.
Love is time - Sounds okay for a song title to me!!
So what now? School is done and dusted, no more school functions, exams or anything...oh except for when our marks come out mid-December! *fingers crossed*
Not sure if I talked about Modern Warfare 2 in my last post but yeah! F-N Awesome game!! Loving every minute of it! Even though I'm not fully adjusted to playing it on PS3 yet, I'll get there eventually.
Can't wait for Christmas and New Years parties now but.
Hopefully all the work out the back will be done, we now have lights and a spot light for the pool. We have 2 power-points, the outside speakers were set-up and work brilliantly all we're waiting on is the cover to make it more enclosed for wet weather...not sure when that is going up but things are definitely looking pretty good out there!!
So hmmmm New Years Eve party at Brad's? I think so! YEAH!
Although I'm excited, Christmas and New Years are still a while away...and with any luck we'll be together someday, but for now just let me say; I believe in the impossible.

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