Nov 24, 2009

Formal + Other stuff

As my beloved Dexter would say.."Tonight's the night."
It's Formal Night baby and I'm pretty excited! Just like Big Kev!!
Everything is ready and it should be a night to remember '344'
Been working a lot lately, worked the last 4 nights straight and the money shall be well spent xD Not sure what on yet but I will find something decent. Last night I also burnt my fingers and sliced my hand open! But I'm ok :)
Other than that let's see, Oh I went to an ear nose and throat specialist yesterday, good old Doctor Mooney, who also has his own kind of hotline thing... 1800DrWill - I thought that was pretty darn awesome! LOL
Yeah I went to him about 5 years back for all my sinus problems but this time, as most of you would know for my ears! Something was definitely not right about them!
(If you have ever seen me blocking my ears with watery eyes when things get a little bit loud this is what I'm talking about)
Yeah, he said I had 'Hyperacusis'. Wondering what on earth that is?
Hyperacusis is where my ears are more sensitive to sounds, I am more aware of sounds that other people might not even hear!! LOL Daredevil much? Simon is constantly making jokes..."Did you hear about that woman in India who had twin babies?" No. "Oh really I thought you would have!"

It was funny, when I took the hearing test, It reminded me of that episode of the Simpson's hahaha 'cause I was in a little booth with headphones on and I had to push a button everytime I heard a sound. The point is, I have abnormally good hearing, but unfortunately it will most likely deteriorate after age 21 :(

Ahhh what else? Oh I finished Modern Warfare 2! Awesome game! Now for the multiplayer, which is really good except for all the idiots with mics out there, who make chicken noises and do stupid shit.

Well that about does it, oh except for my close..
With any luck we'll be together someday but for now just let me say I can't wait for formal tonight!!

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