Nov 21, 2009

At it again.

Yeah I'm at it again!

Last couple days have been pretty damn hot but to be honest, I haven't really noticed all that much. If I'm outside I'm in the pool and inside is all air con so I'm enjoying every minute of every day!!
Bought Modern Warfare 2 the other day and I'm absolutely loving it. Such an awesome game that I anticipated so very much and it hasn't disappointed me. I also bought my formal suit and just quietly, I think I look dashing =D
Hmmm just thinking now... what else interesting has happened since my last post?
I guess my life is well, not boring but simple at the moment. I'm pretty psyched for formal but, gonna be an awesome night! Can't wait to see everyone and have a ball.
Freedom tastes good, not sure when I'll get sick of it but doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.
Been missing some people, haven't spoken to a few in 2 days! Omg such a long time. Well it's not that long but it feels like forever!!
Oh yeah, I had a nightmare last night, Michael, Scott and myself were walking to Georges Hall Public for whatever reason *dreams don't always make sense people*
and I asked Michael if he was going to say "hi" to his brothers and he said "yeah I think I should"...then something happened and as usual someone started shooting up the place, that's a mix of Beach Shack! (Yeah!) and Modern Warfare 2 methinks. Plaguing me as I sleep, Freddy styles.
I don't have bad dreams often, but I think I know why I had one last night...and there is a prize to anyone that can guess it!!

Now I'm just praying that with any luck, we'll be together someday but for now just let me say:
Never say never, don't let me go :|

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