Nov 14, 2009


Hello everyone I'm Bundison, I remember it so you don't have to.

So Beach Shack huh? It WENT OFF! Partying like there was no tomorrow, 4 days outta 7. Not a bad effort, the other 3 were recovery days but we still got our drink on =D
So I came back, with a bit of sunburn, a good tan, a new pair of thongs, something to make the memories of BEACH SHACK (yeah!) last but most of all, a lifetime experience. I get back on Thursday, with little time to recover last night I go off to the Nickelback concert! Fuck yeah caught Chad's pick!!! It was awesome, and well the chick in front one thing led to another and we had a mad time =)
Now tonight is Cuong's 18th and I haven't had a night to rest! Gonna be a mad party tonight, got my hair cut today, hope it looks okay by formal time *fingers crossed*
I think the chick that cut it left it a little long at the back, but you can tell me what you think when I see yall later tonight. So formal is on Tuesday night, such a busy last couple of weeks, best thing about it, I haven't worked at all, but damn money can go fast, started this fortnight with 1500, already down to 800.
This blog is getting a little long now so ima rap it up...with any luck, we'll be together someday but for now just let me say
Bitch got Bankstowned!
When I say Nickel, you say?
bunDy's BACK!

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