Nov 4, 2009

Bags are packed.

Today was my very last HSC exam. I am having mixed feelings about it all, gonna be the last time I see a lot of the familiar faces that have been with me for the last 6 years, but for most I will try very hard to see and keep in contact with on a regular basis!
I'm so excited about The Beach Shack tomorrow. Although there was a few mishaps earlier tonight everything is okay now and things are looking up again. It's going to be so good to get away and relax. I'm going to miss everyone so much though!! Some people more than others =P
My bags are packed and now I thought I would do a blog since you won't be hearing from me for at least a week. Could be more, terrible accidents happen on these things so I promise to try and stay safe! For those who love me, don't worry it'll be alright!! LOL
Went out to dinner earlier tonight to celebrate me finishing high-school...only thing was it was MY shout!? How does that work? Oh well doesn't bother me, I have enough money..1400 to be precise, and that is in my everyday bank account...Gots over 10 in my other one =D
I just want you to know that with any luck, we'll be together someday, but for now just let me say:
Good luck to BHS Class 09! When I look back on life these will be the years I cherish!
To that special someone...Every time I look at the sunrise, I am reminded of your beautiful smile!

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