Nov 2, 2009

The first of many!

So this is my very first blog...or at least I hope I'm doing this right!
Not really sure where to start, I need to learn some blogging secrets!!

I know, this isn't a video blog but hey! Maybe I could use some of the same techniques...well I should be studying for Legal Studies right now, with that being in 2 days time but just got too much other stuff on my Beach Shack...and other "girl problems" LOL.
Beach Shack. Sounds great aye? I am so pumped for this, it is a 7 day getaway for myself, Hally, Scottay, Ridha and maybe Bob!! ,In Fingal Bay the Shack is 40 metres from the beach! Can't wait!!
Right now I'm just facebookin' as per usual...and actually waiting for a text message that I don't expect to ever get. Don't you hate that? Waiting by the phone? For a call or text that just doesn't come. Hmmm need a good 'sign-out'. What should I use? How about...
With any luck, we'll be together someday, but for now just let me say "To me you're perfect, and my wasted heart will always love you"

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